Many babies suffer from reflux, colic and nasal congestion which may cause discomfort and distress. The ORTHObaby WEDGE eases digestion and breathing by gently elevating your baby. The ORTHObaby WEDGE was designed to be much wider than conventional wedges so it can fit the entire width of your mattress creating a much safer sleeping environment as it prevents your little one from rolling to the sides of the cot. It is made of a dense foam that will not sink in when your baby lies on it.

Product Specification

▪ SABS approved open cell polyurethane foam with net cover

▪ Colour: Blue

▪ Size:

Cot standard – 300 x 560 x 100 to 1 mm

Cot large – 300 x 660 x 100 to 1 mm

Camp cot standard – 300 x 660 x 100 to 1 mm

Camp cot large – 300 x 720 x 100 to 1 mm

Custom sizes available on request

▪ Weight:

Cot standard – 200 g

Cot large – 220 g

Camp cot standard – 220 g

Camp cot large – 200 g

▪ Gender: Unisex

▪ Warranty: 6 Months, based on manufacturing defects ▪ Instructions for use ▪ Instructions for care

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